What is photoelectric effect and application of photoelectric effect

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Photo electric effect

Photoelectric effect theory was explained by Albert Einstein for which he was awarded the Noble Prize.

    when light of suitable frequency is allowed to fall on a metal surface, electrons are emitted from the surface. These electrons are called photo electrons and the effect is called photo electric effect.

The emission of photo electron is the result of the interaction between a single photon of the incident radiation and an electron in the metal. Photo electric effect is widely apply in engineering. 


   Photon is neither a particle nor a wave. In the phenomena like interference, diffraction, polarization, the photon behaves like a wave.

Photo electric cells
                The photoelectric cells is a device which used to converts light energy into electrical energy.

Photoelectric emission

        A photo sensitive material there is a minimum frequency is called the threshold frequency. The photo electric current is directly proportional to the intensity of the incident radiation, provided the frequency is greater than the threshold frequency.

Applications of photoelectric cells

  • Photo electric cells are used to reproducing sound in cinematography. Photoelectric cells are used in the study of temperature and spectra of stars. It is used in obtaining electrical energy from sunlight during space travel. Photo electric cells are also used in burglar alarm and fire alarm

  • The  Photoemissive cells make use of photoelectric effect Before the introduction of photo-semiconductor devices, photoemissive cells were in wide use.  Photoemissive cell known as the vacuum photo-diode. The most widely used photoemission material is cesium on silver base. Vacuum Photo diodes are capable of delivering larger amount of power than semiconductor counterparts. But vacuum photo diodes are bulky and large weight. 

  • The Photo voltaic cell generates electric potential when it is subjected to optical irradiation. Since this device is used to generate electricity from sunlight, it is popularly called as the solar cell.

  •  Photethyristors are optical counterparts of thyristor devices. This device is known as the LASCR( light activated silicon controlled rectifier.) 

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