Relativity theory explained. Interesting explanation of time, length, mass and space.

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In olden Newtonian mechanics mass, time, length and space were treated as absolute. In the wave theory of light was assumed that a medium was present in space. From thin theory of light assumed ether exists in space and that ether medium pervaded all space in universe. But that was not correct. There is no medium pervaded in space. After the Michelson and Morley experiment the medium ether was not found, because when light travel in ether medium there is no difference in speed. In general sound waves propagated through only medium but light waves have no need to propagated medium it’s also propagate vacuum. Due to the reasons the concept of ether and absolute space becomes meaningless.

        In Einstein’s view, the time, mass, length and space are interdependent and are not absolute. Einstein’s special theory of relativity deals with objects and systems. The objects and systems are either moving at a constant speed with respect to one another or at rest.  

What is time?

We know that time is depend upon the rotation of earth. Time is differing from one planet to another planet. According to classical mechanics, if two events are occurs simultaneous for all observers, irrespective of their position or motion. This means simultaneity is absolute for all observers.

        If two observers observe time, first person is observing in rest position with a S1 frame of reference another person observe in motion with a S2 frame of reference. The second observer with a moving clock appears to be slowed down to stationary observer. This is known as time dilation. The clock in the moving space ship will appear to go slower than clock on the earth. This illusion leads many scientist think about time machine and many creators create time machine movies.

What is mass?

The mass of the body is independent of the motion of the body but mass of the body is absolute and constant. The Newtonian mechanics believed the mass of a body does not change with velocity. But according to Einstein, the mass of the body changes with velocity which means when the object in motion the mass of object define appear less than in rest position.

What is space?

We can measure the position or motion of any object in space with the help of frame of reference. The geometrical form of an object is irrespective of position motion of the object and observer also. All physics laws are same in all inertial frames of reference. The velocity of light in free space is a constant in frames of reference.

Relativity theory explained. Interesting explanation of time, length, mass and space. Relativity theory explained. Interesting explanation of time, length, mass and space. Reviewed by knowledge people creators on February 16, 2019 Rating: 5
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