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Van de Graaff generator is a great machine which was designed by Robert van de Graaff in the year of 1929. When we touch this van de Graaff machine really we excited with the positive charge. You can see this picture, when the girls were touches this machines their hairs had tempered. Because of the positive charges are spread over this machine. We really enjoy when we felt or understanding of physics. Behind the physics of this machine is not easiest and understandable one. But we can see and touch we easily as same as all science concepts and principles are difficult one. But we can able to understand we may easily create science products.

            The principle of the Van de Graaff generator is electrostatic induction and the action at points. This generator is produce positive charges very large.

A large hollow spherical conductor is fixed on the insulating stand. It has two pulleys and fixed with a belt which made up of silk or rubber material. The comb shaped metallic conductors are fixed near the pulleys. Because of the sharp edges attracted negative charges and repel positive charges. We need positive charges for nuclear disintegration and other application.

            The pulleys are driven continuously by the electric motor. Due to the high electric field near comb, air between the belt and the lower comb gets ionized. The positive charges are pushed towards the belt and negative charges are attracted towards the comb. The positive charges stick to the belt and move up. When the positive charges reach the upper comb, a large amount of negative and positive charges are induced on either side of the upper comb due to the electrostatic induction. The positive charges are pushed away from the upper comb and they reach the outer surface of the sphere. Since the sphere is a conductor, the positive charges are distributed uniformly on the outer surface of the hollow sphere. At the same time, the negative charges in the belt due to corona discharge before it pass over the pulley. This process continues until the outer surface produces the potential difference of the order of 107 which is the limiting value. Van de Graaff generator is used to accelerate positive ions for nuclear disintegration.

Usually this generator is used to generator positive charges for nuclear disintegration, generated some particles like protons and deutrons which is produce beams. The beam are used to treatment of cancer.
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