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1. Select the correct material by elasticity

For this project you can select any five to ten elastic materials. Find those materials elasticity and do comparison study of any specific purpose for instance which wooden is best to construct house and material is used to uplift the object of any device.

The materials characteristics study is definitively useful all sects of scientific developments. Every materials having more other physical and chemical characteristics, if we determine those characteristics we can create a best device. 


As you wish to select any type of five to ten elastic raw materials. Like wooden or rubber. As usual apparatus microscope and telescope is needed.


There are many methods which you can able to done in your lab. Because of these methods are very common and simple for physics lab.

Pin and microscope method, single optic lever, koenig’s method, cornu’s method-elliptical fringes. All these methods are uniform and non-uniform bending methods using with travelling microscope and telescope.

You can select any of best method which your convenience. Apparatus selection and method selection is important for finishing project because of wrong method or apparatus selection will disturb your conclusion of project.

Tabulated all experimental reading which you done and give a strong comparison study of materials. The difference of values is tells essential of this project.

Of course you can select one method to different materials or two different methods to select different material but you can measure all materials and tabulated.

The observation and measurement is important for accuracy.

2. Select correct liquid by surface tension

The surface tension of liquids is used to determine the liquid’s spreading capacity. Because we should know about the liquids surface tension for its applications. For this project you can select any five to ten liquids like water, milk, petrol, soup oil etc. using these type of liquid complete the surface tension study.

Otherwise you can select any specific liquids such as washing power making and washing soup making for which liquid is having low surface tension because of which liquids having low surface tension that liquid is spread over the surface.

Mercury having 0.470 Nm-1 at room temperature it is high surface tension values but soap solution is 0.02-0.04Nm-1 surface tension only its low level of surface tension. So low level of surface tension soap solution is spread over the surface but high surface tension mercury can’t spread over the surface.

We select either low surface tension usage liquids or high surface tension usage liquids for our project studies.


You needed any five to ten liquids, travelling microscope and some other weighing instruments.


There are many methods for surface tension measurement. You can select drop weight method and capillary rise method. Both are easy to take measurement for surface tension.

Measure all liquid’s surface tension and tabulated its values. Compare all liquids values of surface tension for your particular liquid usage application. It is just like shampoo or soap oil of low surface tension. Otherwise engine oil selection of high surface tension.  

Selection of theme is very important for expose your project because that theme is take vital role in that easiest project methods.

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