To find correct material for cantilever - College level project ideas

A best cantilever materials having many physical properties like depression, tensile and high temperature resistant. In which material is satisfies these other physical properties that material is suitable for cantilever making. This project idea is used for cantilever material selection. 

This project is about selection of effective cantilever by using physical methods. The selection of cantilever is very important for construction. Because of any type of construction the cantilever is used as structural element. You can do this project for “To finding best cantilever for your construction”.

Cantilever used in many ways for construction like beam, bridge, tower construction, and aircraft also. The common question is that which material is undergo higher depression. Because of a high depression acceptor material is used for cantilever making.


You can select best five or more materials, some measure equipment like weight, and travelling microscope. Select your material as a long rectangular beam and chose correct telescope and travelling microscope for different methods.


There are many types of young’s modulus methods are used to measured cantilever depression. You can select any one type or do your project with different method for your different samples.

Pin and microscope method, optic lever method, scale and telescope method, and dynamic method. Depending upon your apparatus opportunity you can select any method.

Complete your measurements in any method and tabulated all your readings and analyzing calculations for all materials.

Depends upon measurements works you can suggest best material for cantilever making in any building construction or beam work.

The high strength tensile and depression produced materials are used as best cantilever makers.

So you can suggest best material rod for making any useful cantilever making or tensile base used devices and equipments.

The more than material selection is give this project as grant in the usage point of view. And also select correct method for correct measurement results because of different method is given some difference in value.

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