What is light? and The basics of Holography

What is light?

This simple and apparently innocent question has stirred up considerable controversy among scientists since the time of Newton. A complete answer is by no means easy because the theory of relativity has changed old conceptions which for years were considered to be established facts.

Newton in his experiments with the prism broke up a beam of light into its component parts and produced the different colors. Having done this, he threw all these colors together again to bring back the original white light.

Newton later suggested the corpuscular theory of light in which light was supposed to consist of minute particles or corpuscles shot out from the luminous body. He attempted to explain the various phenomena of reflection, refraction and polarization by modifying the properties of these corpuscles to fit the various conditions.

The wave theory and many other theories are use to understanding about optical world. If we want to develop our knowledge in optics, we should understand many other concepts. Like from the basic of reflection, refraction, diffraction, interference, polarization, coherent source of light and so and so. 

At present laser and hologram technology is growing. With the help of these principles, we could understand about modern virtual image formation. The hologram technique is one the very interesting concept which is created holographic images.

The basics of Holography

Holography technology is one of the growing technologies. The holography is a Greek word which means whole writing. The principles of holography were first put forward by Dennis Gabor in London.

His invention consisted of a method for improving the resolution of images obtained with an electron microscope. Dennis Gabor announced his concepts in 1948, and he was awarded the Nobel prizes in physics in 1971 for his study of three dimensional lensless method of photography.

Gabor technique was to cause a beam of coherent light to be scattered from an object. The two sets of waves coming together on a photographic plate would produce interference fringes.

This holographic technology is used in many field like medicine, this holographic images are very useful during laser operation. 

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