What is “about electronics technical terms answers”?

What is Kinescope?

Kinescope is a form of cathode ray television reproducing apparatus in which the amplified received signal impulses varies the strength of an electro statically focused electron beam which is caused by suitable deflecting coils to scan a fluorescent screen in synchronism with the scanning beam in the transmitter, rendering it luminous in proportion to the light falling on to the transmitting screen.


An effect observed when a semiconductor of high secondary-emission ratio, such as caesium oxide, is subjected to electron bombardment. The semiconductor can become strongly positively charged and if a layer of such a material is separated by a thin MALTER EFFECT insulating layer from a metal plate it can be used to develop a potential difference. With an insulating layer of about 0.1 micrometer thickness a potential of up to 100 volts can be produced.

What is Photo Scope?

An instrument for recording wave forms of audio frequency. It is claimed that deaf persons can be trained to interpret such records of speech and music.

What is Selenium cell?

A small block or cell containing, a substance the resistance of which becomes less when light falls upon it. Used, on account of this property, for various purpose but superseded to a considerable extent by other forms of light sensitive cell.

What is Isochronisms?

The running, exactly in step at equal speed, of two shafts, etc., such as those of the selecting devices in some forms of printing telegraph system, where the sending and receiving apparatus is kept in step by periodical correcting current impulses, or in general the performance of related functions at the same speed.

What is Gyro magnetic effect?

The phenomenon by which the magnetization of material medium subjected to a magneto static field upon disturbance relaxes back to equilibrium by damped processional motion about the direction of that field, and by which this processional motion can be maintained by an alternating component added to the magneto static field.

What is Hall Effect?

When a conductor carrying current is placed in a magnetic field which is at right angles to the direction of current, an electromotive force is produced in direction that is perpendicular to both the current and the magnetic field.

What is Parylene?

Parylene is a crystalline material, which has excellent dielectric properties that can be vapor deposited on almost any substrate to form extremely thin insulating films. The complete name is diparaxylylene.

What is Photo Resist?

A chemical used in photolithography for producing image of mask. A negative photo resists forms polymers on exposure to radiation while positive photo resist uses polymers which de-polymerize by the action of light. Positive resist produces positive image of mask.  

What is Spectrum Analyzer?

A test instrument using a cathode ray tube that measures and displays the intensities of the frequency components of a complex waveform throughout the frequency range of the waveform.

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