Some interesting facts about heat and thermodynamics for learners

The boiling point of water depends on atmospheric pressure. It takes much longer to cook things in the hills than in the plains. Because in the hills, the atmospheric pressure is lower than that in the plains and therefore water boils at lower temperature.

Food is cooked faster in pressure cooker. Because due to high pressure, the boiling point of water is raised.

The cover of a solar cooker is made of glass. Because of glass allows sunlight in the container but does not allow heat radiation out of it.

Water in a flask is fitted using a cork with a narrow tube. When the flask is heated, the level of water in the tube first falls and then rises.

In cold countries, alcohol is preferred to mercury as a thermometric liquid. Because of alcohol has a very low freezing point.

On heating a circular disc with a circular hole at the centre, the diameter of the hole will increase.

When a certain mass of liquid is heated in a glass flask, the liquid level falls at first and then start rising.

If water in lake were to behave like other liquids, then in extremely cold weather, it would freeze from bottom to top.

If the temperature of the top of a frozen lake is -150 C, the temperature of the water in the lake in contact with the ice layer is 00 C. The fishes can survive inside a frozen lake because at the bottom of the lake, there is 40 C.

When water is cooled from 80 C to 00 C its volume decreases up to 40 C and then increases.

An iron hammer, lying in the sun appears much hotter than its wooden handle. Because of iron is a good conductor of heat.

Mica can be classified as good conductor of heat and bad conductor of electricity.
The freezer in a refrigerator is fitted near the top. So that it can cool the whole interior by setting up convection current.

By the process of radiation, the heat is transmitted from the filament of an evacuated electric bulb to the glass.

Woolen materials keep us warm in winter. Because of they do not allow our body heat to escape.

A pyrex tumbler does not crack when hot water is poured into it. Because of pyrex does not expand much on heating.

In a cup, tea cools from 700 C to 600 C in exactly one minute. It will cool from 400 C to 300 C in more than one minute.

The surface of water in a pond remains cool even on a hot day. Because water evaporates at the surface and evaporation causes cooling.

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