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The commonly occurring troubles in the lubricating system are unduly low or excessively high oil pressures. Their possible causes are discussed here and the remedies suggested.

Low oil pressure

Low oil level, which may be checked by the dipstick. Fill the crankcase to the correct level.

Weak relief valve spring may also cause the ball to lift at lower pressure than prescribed, thus lowering the system pressure. The remedy is to replace the defective spring.

The oil pump may have worn out. The same may be checked and the defective part replaced.

Defective oil line or loose joints in the oil line may cause leakage and thus reduce the pressure. Loose joints should be tightened and defective lines replaced.

The oil may have been diluted with constant use, which has to be changed.

Oil filter may be clogged, which should be replaced.

Worn out crankshaft or camshaft bearing will pass more oil than the oil pump is capable of delivering. The only remedy is their replacement.

The pressure gauge indicating low oil pressure may be defective, which may be checked and the defective parts repaired or replaced.

High oil pressure

The oil used may be of too high a viscosity, which may be drained out and the oil with correct viscosity filled in.

The oil lines, galleries may be clogged, which may be cleaned.

The relief valve in the oil pump may be stuck in the closed position. The valve should be inspected and repaired accordingly. If the valve spring is too stiff, the same may be changed.

Oil pressure gauge may be defective which may be inspected and repaired.

Excessive oil consumption

Worn piston, cylinder liner or piston rings. The only remedy in such a case is the replacement.

Defective valve seal, which is should be changed.

Worn out valve stem and/or guide. The defective part is such a situation will have to be changed.

Leakage of oil, which may be due to faulty gasket between the crankcase and the oil pan, defective crankshaft bearing seals, loose or faulty oil drain plug or due to some crank in the crankcase. All such situation has to be examined and the defective parts repaired or replaced.

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