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What is principle is used to calculate the forces of more than two charges?

The superposition principle explains the interaction between multiple charges.

What is electric dipole?

Two equal and opposite charges separated by a small distance constitute an electric dipole.

Write any example of electric dipole?

In many molecules, the centers of positive and negative charge don not coincide. Such molecules behave as permanent dipoles. Like CO, H2O, HCl.

What is the charge of proton?

 The charge of proton is +1.6×10-19 C

What is charge of electron?

 The charge of proton and charge of electron both are same but        different in sign. The charge of electron is -1.6×10-19 C

Which law is correct to compared with coulomb’s law?

 Coulomb’s law has same structure as Newton’s law of gravitation.

What is the electric dipole moment and SI unit of dipole moment?

The magnitude of the electric dipole moment is equal to the product of the magnitude of one of the charges and the distance between them. The SI unit of dipole moment is coulomb meter (Cm)

P = 2qa

Calculate the number of electrons in one coulomb of negative

The quantization of charge q = ne, q = 1C.
 n = q/e = 1C/1.6×10-19 = 6.25×1018 electrons.

What is the relative permittivity of water?

The relative permittivity of water is Ԑr = 80.

The electric field lines start from which charge?

The electric field lines start from a positive charge and end at negative charges.            

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