The Inventions History of microscope, stethoscope and syringe

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We know that microscope is used to maximize micro organism. In those days people observed how a blob of water or bead of glass can make things look bigger. In the 13th century glass makers had to make glass lenses which were used as spectacle to correct poor eyesight. In 16th people were use lenses for study small letters. The microscope seemed to be invented in several places at once. But most historians agree that Zacharias Jansen was made first microscope, in 1590. He was made a microscope device as objects magnified nine times and showed rather blurred image.

After the invention of Jansen, Antony van Leeuwenhoek was making his own primitive microscopes. He makes a microscope with only one lens but it could magnify up to 200 times. Using this microscope Leeuwenhoek was had seen were bacteria.

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Latest technology

Now a day’s scientist are using 3D microscope which is used to view living cells. Those microscopes are very clear and magnifying extraordinary level.


In medicine stethoscope was a great invention. It works with the principle of multi reflections. The movement of heart is listening clearly with the help of stethoscope. A French doctor Rene-Theophile-Hyacinthe Laennec was the first physician to realize that a tube would make it easier to listen to body fluids.  a small story was behind the invention of stethoscope. Laennec was a shy type, once up on a time he examines a woman who suspected heart problem. He needed to listen to her heart, but those days doctors place his head on the chest, he was not agree to place his head on the chest of the woman. So he exits from that place and he saw two boys playing with a wooden pole in the courtyard. He was use that idea in the listing heart beats. He rolled a piece of paper into tube and placed this against her heart. At the time he delighted because this rolled piece of paper could hear so much more clearly than direct listing.

The improved stethoscope was designed in 1855 by an American doctor George Philip cammann. The inside of stethoscope he added a diaphragm which picked up more sound.

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Latest technology

Latest stethoscope is used to hear sounds with very clear. This cardiology stethoscope includes the high frequency sound at 48 dBA.


Syringes are just like pumps. When a syringe drawn back from its chamber, it creates vacuum inside the chamber suddenly, the needle suck liquid medicine into the syringe. At the different think when a plunger is push down, liquid is force out through the needle. This invention of the syringe had its origins in the 17th century. Christoper wren and Robert Boyle was invented syringe. At the same time Dominique Anel was invented a syringe. Today’s syringe was invented by Charles Pravaz in the year of 1853. The modern syringes are made of plastic and used as use and through. Latest syringes having micro needle which is a small patch containing 400 tiny needles.

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Latest technology

The latest syringes are made as easy point needle like micro needle and nano needle.

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