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Engine does not start or stalls just after starting:

  • Starting motor may not be turning, which may be either due to faulty starting motor, discharged battery, sulphated terminals or loose connections. Check these causes and rectify the defects.

  • If the engine still does not start, it may be due to air lock in the fuel system. Priming the fuel system will drive the air out, which may be done as per the instruction of the vehicle manufacture.

  • If Lack of fuel in the engine system, inspect the fuel tank and ensure that fuel supply is in the ‘on’ position.

  • May be fuel containing water, so you may checked by taking out some fuel from the bottom of the fuel tank allowing it to stand. If the water is there, it will settle down to bottom.

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Excessive knocking

  • Excessive carbon deposits will also cause knocking. To remove this defect, the engine has to be opened up for decarbonization.

  • In case fuel injection may be excessively advanced, this may be tested and adjusted. 

Excessive fuel consumption

We should save fuel for future world, but modern world does not help that. If we correct our driving skills for fuel save, it will give more fuel for future.

  • First we must check vehicle while before driving. Leakage in the fuel system is quite common. If leak in the fuel system, which may be rectified.

  • Adjusted fuel infection pump timing when it is not correct.

  • Contaminated fuel may be the cause of excessive fuel consumption. Pure fuel is a correct choice for engine.

  • Check valve tappet clearance may not be correct, if not correct adjusted.

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