The beginning of astronomy and life of great astrologist

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Since his very appearance on this planet man developed an interest in stars and planets. First he was struck by wonder, and speculated some forms in the constellations. Second after thousands of years of watching them, he was impressed by the regularity in the movements. Here I remember about Tycho Brahe who spent his entire lifetime in recording the observation of the stellar and planetary positions with his naked eye. These data’s analyzed by his assistant Kepler and he was deduction of the laws of the planetary motion. This article fully covered with the lifetime experience of aryabhata, varahamihira who was scarifies his life for astronomy.


He was the most important personality in ancient Indian astronomy. He was in the vanguard of the new astronomical movement. His work called the aryabhatiya, was held in high esteem by the leading astronomers of subsequent ages and has enjoyed many excellent commentaries. From it we learn that its author was 23 in AD.499 when he wrote this famous work. He calls himself an asmaka, or one belonging to the asmaka country, the identification of which is highly debated. Some identify if with kerala. In his work he says that the apparent westward motion of the stationary nakshatras is due to the rotation of the earth about its axis. He was the first Indian astronomer to postulate this theory. Strangely, some of the later Indian astronomers bitterly criticized him for this theory.

            He initiated two system of reckoning the day: one reckoned the day from midnight at lanka and the other from sunrise at lanka. However, he followed the midnight system which brahma gupta also followed. In fact, the Babylonian elements transmitted to india by the Greeks were developed into a fuller planetary theory by aryabhata. He did very much the same thing for Indian astronomy as Ptolemy had done for the Greek


He is the famous author of the pancha siddhanika. Thus, he was more a compiler and historian as astronomy than an astronomer of originality. Further, he was more popular as an astrologer through his compendious works like Brihatsamhita, yogayatra etc. hailing from Magadha, he lived and worked in ujjayini. His astrology and horosasira(horoscope) being of Greek origin, abound in Greek technical terms. 
He was the great astrologer in India. His astrological prediction was very famous and accurate. Most of his theory is correct in according with modern Astro physics.

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