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The various troubles encountered in the engine due to faults in the ignition system are mentioned below. Of course, it must be kept in mind that the troubles mentioned are not caused only because of the defects in the ignition systems which have been mentioned here. Defects in other engine components may also be the source of the troubles.

Engine missing

It is only one cylinder which is missing, the spark plug is defective which may be taken out and serviced or replaced as required.

Defective distributor cap or the high tension lead may be another reason for this trouble. Replacement of the defective part is the only solution available.

If many cylinders are missing in an irregular manner, the ignition timing may be wrongly set, which should be tested and reset.

Defective condenser or coil may be tested separately. If defect is established, the component should be replaced by a new one of same specifications.

The contact breaker points may be worn out or out of adjustment. The may be cleaned and inspected. Consequently they are properly set or replaced if found beyond adjustment.

The spark plugs may be fouled or otherwise defective which may be cleaned and their gap properly set or even replaced if necessary.

Starting trouble

If engine does not start at all proceed as follow to locate the source of trouble.

The battery may be discharged or the battery connections may be loose or the battery leads may be broken or disconnected. A quick check is to switch on the head lamps. If this light with adequate brilliance, it is sure there is no trouble on account of battery.

Check whether all the external connections are tightly secured.

Engine making noise when accelerating

The possible reasons in this case also may be the use of plug hotter than that specified and too much retarded ignition timing.

Engine overheating

Too much retarded ignition time may be the cause of this trouble, which should be checked and reset correctly.

Engine back firing

The spark plugs used may not be of the correct heat range. The only remedy is to replace the same with new plugs of suitable range.

The ignition timing may be too much retarded, which should be checked and reset.

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