Indian contribution to mathematics and Indian Vedic astrology

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Ancient India owed much to Greece for astronomy. Similarly west owed much to India for mathematics. Amongst ancient peoples, the Indians and the Greeks made important discoveries in mathematics and astronomy. But their outlooks were different. The Greeks based their mathematics on geometry and Indians based their mathematics on numbers. The Greeks looked upon magnitude not as number, but as length. To Indians it meant number. The Greek arithmetic, algebra and astronomy were completely dominated by their geometry. To the Indians geometry was also numerical and practical.

            The Arabs learnt these sciences and astronomy from ancient India and Greece, preserved this knowledge for nearly 500 years and transmitted them to medieval Europe. So much so, the European scholars ascribed the origin of these sciences to the Arabs.

            All ancient nations knew the fundamentals of arithmetic such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Thought these nations had symbols for writing numbers they did not know the system of numeration. This system of writing numbers with the help of nine numerical symbols and a symbol for zero was invented by the Indians.

            Like the Egyptians, the Vedic Hindus adopted 10 as the basis of numeration. They developed a vocabulary of number names. Fractions are known to the rig Veda. The most productive period in mathematics coincides with that of astronomy. So, naturally Aryabhata is the earliest great mathematician, followed by Bhaskara I and Brahmagupta.

So many ancient Indians were tried to create extraordinary mathematics and astrology, really Indian were create fundamental mathematics like zero and fundamental astrology like plants systems.

Indians were found miracle of astrology they describes each plant and its angle of position in the view of earth. They found stars and all moving space objects. They were also found that reflection of sunlight of the plants. Some astrological prediction felt extreme and unbelievable by Vedic astrology.

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