Know some special word in mathematics like “What is non-Euclidian Geometry? What is dilemma?”

What is Achilles paradox?

Achilles paradox is classical paradox in which Achilles has first to cover an infinite number of distinct distances.

What is Aggregate?

Aggregate is a term used for totality or wholeness of a collection of certain objects. For example, aggregate of rational numbers. As in set theory the aggregate may be closed or ordered also.

What is apothem?

Apothem is a perpendicular from the centre of a regular polygon to mid-point of any side. In other words it is radius of the inscribed circle of a regular polygon and is also called short radius.

What is dihedral?

Dihedral is a figure formed by two intersecting planes. The straight line in which two planes intersect is called the edge of dihedral and the two planes are called its faces. The dihedral angle is the angle between it two faces, which is measured by the angle between the lines cross – section of the two planes and a plane perpendicular to the above line of cross-section.

What is dilemma?

Dilemma is a form of argument of which one of the premises is the conjunction of two conditional statements and the other affirms the disjunction of their antecedents, and the conclusion is the disjunction of their consequences, its form is

If P then Q, and if R then S;

Either P or S;

So either Q or S

This is sometimes called constructive dilemma, as distinct from destructive dilemma in which the second premise is the disjunction of the negations of the consequents and the conclusion is the disjunction of the negation of the antecedents of the first premises;

If P then Q and if R then S:

Either not – Q or not – S;

So either not – P or not – R.

 What is monotonic?

A monotonic increasing function of a variable x is one which does not decrease with increase in x and a monotonic decreasing function of x is one which does not increase with increase in x.

What is nomogram?

Nomogram is a graph that consists of three parallel lines, each one a scale for one of three related variables. A straight line drawn between two points, representing known values of two of the variables, crosses the third line at the corresponding value of the third variable.

For example, the lines might show the temperature, volume, and pressure of a known mass of gas. If the volume and pressure are known, the temperature can be read off the nomogram.
What is non-Euclidian Geometry?

Any system of geometry in which the postulates of Euclidian geometry are not valid. In Euclidian geometry we know that from a point outside a gives line only one parallel line can be drawn. In non-Euclidian geometry two possibilities exist:

Through a point outside a straight line no line parallel to the given line can be drawn.

There are several lines parallel to the given line. When the first possibility is satisfied, it is called a elliptic geometry and when the second possibility is satisfied it is called hyperbolic geometry.

What is octagon?

Octagon is a figure with eight sides. If all the eight sides are equal it is called a regular octagon.

What is octahedron?

Octahedron is a polyhedron with eight faces. A regular octahedron will have all the faces as equilateral triangles.  

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