Fundamental mathematical meanings for learners

What is Axes of hyperboloid?

A hyperboloid has three axes, out of these those which are diameters are called transverse axes and those which are not diameters, are called conjugate axes. A hyperboloid of one sheet has two transverse axes and one conjugate axis while the hyperboloid of two sheets has one transverse axis and two conjugate axes.

What is Boolean algebra?

Boolean algebra is a system of mathematical logic which uses symbols and set theory to represent logical operations in mathematical form.  After this system many more system has been developed and is used in the probability theory and computing.

What is Calculus?

Calculus is the branch of mathematics which deals with differentiation and integration of functions and related concepts and applications.  Calculus also called infinitesimal calculus because of the prominence of the use of infinitesimal in the early development of the subject.

What is Couple?

Two parallel forces equal in magnitude and opposite in direction from a couple. The couple when acted upon a body causes the body to turn about an axis perpendicular to the plane of forces. If F denotes the magnitude of each of the forces and d the arm of the couple then the moment the couple about any point in the plane is equal to Fd.

What is Geodesic?

Geodesic is a line on a surface between two points which works as the shortest distance between these two points.

What is Gnomon?

The geometric figure remaining after a parallelogram has been removed from one corner of a larger similar parallelogram.

What is Helix?

Helix is a space curve in the shape of a spiral. It is called cylindrical, cerical, or spherical if it lies on a cylinder, cone, or a sphere respectively. For example, the shape of the thread on a screw is a helix.

What is Icosahedron?

A polyhedron that has twenty faces. Regular icosahedron has twenty congruent faces, each one an equilateral triangle.

What is Isosceles?

Isosceles is a triangle with two equal sides is called isosceles triangle, a trapezium with its non parallel sides as equal is called isosceles trapezium.

What is Karmarkar Method?

Karmarkar method is Polynomial time algorithm for linear programming which is based on projective transformations and is the nature of interior penalty function methods.

What is Riemann Surface?

Riemann surface is a device where by a complex set – valued function each branch of which is analytic is converted into an analytic function on a more general surface by associating each branch with a separate plane or sheet interconnected in a consistent fashion.

What are Skew lines?

In space there can be drawn lines which are neither parallel nor intersecting. The distance between any two of them is actually the shortest distance between them which is perpendicular to both the lines.

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