What is Diode -Light Emitting Diode-Tunnel diode -Varactor Diode explanation

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what is Diode ?

   Mostly diodes are rectifier which are used in power supplies to convert AC voltage into DC voltage. This is the generally purpose but some other specific diodes are used to done special operation. such as zener diode is designed to operate in the reverse breakdown region.

Light Emitting Diode (LED)

    A light emitting diode is a diode that gives off visible light when forward biased.

Usually all semiconductors are made up of silicon and germanium, but LED made by using elements like gallium, arsenic and phosphorus.  By varying these elements is produce light of different wavelengths with colors that include red, green, yellow and blue.

Red light LED      -      made by gallium arsenide 
Green light LED   -      made by gallium phosphide

Tunnel diode 

The Tunnel diode is a diode which exhibits positive resistance when it is forward biased or reverse biased when ti is exhibits negative resistance.

            The tunnel diode is a PN junction with heavy doping of P-type and N-type semiconductor materials. A tunnel diode is doped 1000 times as heavily as a conventional diode.

Varactor Diode

            Varactor diode is a junction diode which acts as a variable capacitor under changing reverse bias is known as a varactor diode. A varactor diode is specially constructed to have high capacitance under reverse bias.The values of capacitance of varactor diodes are approximately picofarad range.

There are many other types of diodes are using in electronics. Some common diodes are using rectification at the same time some special operation using special diodes such as Zener diode, LED, Photo diode, Tunnel diode and Varactor diode.
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