Semiconductor material and types of semiconductors and doping explanation.

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Semiconductor materials 

 Semiconductor is a conductivity materials which has resistivity between conductors and Insulators. Which means semiconductor are conducting partially.

                     The Resistivity of semiconductor between the 
10-2 Ωm and 104 Ωm

Some example elements of semiconductors is silicon, germanium, Indium, silicon carbide, Tellurium, Gallium arsenide, Cadmium selenide and so and so.


  Silicon is widely used in the manufacturing semiconducting electronic devices. 

What are the types of semiconductors ?

       There are two types of semiconductors, intrinsic semiconductor and extrinsic semiconductor. In this case a question is rise why? we are dividing into  two types of semiconductors because intrinsic semiconductor is pure and contains no impurity  but extrinsic semiconductor is one in which an impurity with a valency higher or lower than the valency of the pure semiconductor.

What is doping ?

      Doping is process of addition of a very small amount of impurity into an intrinsic semiconductor is called doping. The impurity to be added is of the order of 100 parts per million.

Here a doubt is occur how to add impurity or how to doping semiconductors. Some other methods are using to doping a semiconductor material. The impurity atoms are added to the semiconductor in its molten state, The pure semiconductor is bombarded by ions of impurity atoms.

N- type semiconductor 

    A small amount of pentavalent impurity such as arsenic is added to a pure germanium semiconductor crystal, that crystal is known as N-type semiconductor.


P- type semiconductor

              A small amount of trivalent impurity is added to a pure semiconductor crystal, that semiconductor crystal is called P- type semiconductor.  For instance germanium is doped with boron.


      Semiconductors are used to manufacturing many electronic devices like transistors, diodes, resistors, and chip etc.

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