Plasmon - Polaritons - Polarons - Excitons

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Plasma is a quantum of a plasma oscillation. This oscillation in a metal is a collective longitudinal excitation of the conduction electron gas. We passing an electron through a thin metallic film, it will excite a Plasmon. The charge of the electron couples with the electrostatic field fluctuations of the plasma oscillations. The energy of Plasmon is equal to the integral multiple of reflected electron loss of energy. The plasma energies are calculated by based on four valence electrons per atom.


The quantum of the coupled phonon-phonon transverse wave field is called a polaritons. Longitudinal phonon does not couple to transverse photons in the bulk of a crystal.


In an insulator the combination of the electron and its strain field is known as a polaron. A more subtle effect of electron-phonon interaction is the apparent increase in electron mass that occur polarons.


We know that electron and hole. The bound electron-hole pair is called an exciton. Excitons can be formed in insulating crystals.  An exciton can move through the crystal and transport energy. The absorption of photon is the creation of a bound electron-hole pair. All excitons are unstable with respect to the recombination process. Excitons can form complexes, for instance biexciton from two excitons.

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