What are the uses of Cathode Ray Oscilloscope?

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Cathode ray oscilloscope is an instrument which is used to measured commonly waveform. Suppose if you sing a song through a microphone by connecting in CRO, you can get waveform of your voice.

In physics we have to use CROs for much purpose, usually we want frequency of voltage from the electronics circuits.

CRO consists of an electron gun assembly, an anode assembly, and a pair of horizontal deflecting plates.

Hartley oscillator, Colpitt’s oscillator, Phase shift oscillator, Wien’s bride oscillator and many oscillator electronics circuits are much need of CRO. We can calculate voltage from the waveform.

We build electronics circuit for instance any oscillator like Hartley oscillator, the output of the circuit is connected in CRO. We can easily get result of that circuit in waveform. We can able to trace that waveform from CRO, and measure the voltage of frequency. Usually CRO is voltage depend instrument.

What are the uses of Cathode Ray Oscilloscope?

CRO is mainly used to observe wave forms. CROs are available in both mega hertz and giga hertz.

CROs are used to measure the voltage (both AC and DC) of any frequency within the range.

We cannot able to measure current through CRO directly. But we can measure current through the calculation of resistance and voltage.

We can able to measure simple harmonic motion wave form.

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